Art Quilts That Tell a Story

Art quilts can be so personal, so special in our lives.  Like many handmade items, they are labors of love, and a joy to make.   Here are a few of my quilts that are special to me, because of the back-story.

Below:  A Squared, an art quilt for my daughter and granddaughter because both of their names begin with an “A.”

A Squared Quilt Artwork

Below:  3 Days of Fun, my project from a design workshop.  It was three full days of playing, and I brought home this art quilt.


Below:  3 Squares a Day, Except Sunday, an art quilt I made, remembering my parents and the three square meals we had each day, except on Sunday, when we had breakfast before church, pot roast after church, and popcorn for dinner.

“3 Squares A Day, Except Sunday,” NFS, approximately 32×32″

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