Contemporary Classics Art Quilts

February 14, 2018

Many of my weaving designs started with a classic quilt pattern — Amish, 3 Bars, 9 Patch, Log Cabin, to name a few. I’ve now applied the same approach but without the limitations of the loom.   For my contemporary classics art quilts, the straight lines and boxes of these classics grew into wonky, creel-feeling designs, but still echoed classic patterns.   Below is a sampling.

Nine-Patch:  A classic quilt pattern, in a bold and simplified presentation:


9 Patch–Red, approx. 34″x34″

9 Patch Green Decorative Quilt

9 Patch–Green, approx. 35″x35″

Below are a few wonky log cabin patterned quilts, showing the versatility of this classic quilt pattern.  It is one of my favorite styles, simply because of its versatility.

Small Study, #16

Small Study, #16

Small Study #12

Small Study #12



An Amish favorite, 3 Bars, here in red and blue, modernized:




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