Lines & Shapes For Inspiration

I’m considering the potential in these raw photos that I’ve taken when I have been out of the city.  As I work forward, I will view them in black & white, maybe focus on one part of the lines or shapes, maybe deleting some lines, accenting some of the shapes.   There are many possibilities.  Sometimes the biggest challenge is just deciding how to begin.


Above:  Northeastern Oregon, somewhere either on or in the Zumwalt Prairie, there was this old barn with beautifully weathered walls.


Above: Bleak ranch land in the winter, north of Pendleton, Oregon. I could have lightened this to a bright day, but it wasn’t a bright day. It was gray, and more snow was on the way.


Here we have a very old, and still sturdy, wall in Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, Northern New Mexico.


True confessions: I did not take this photo but I cannot resist the simple lines, plus I cannot ignore how much I wish I was doing that. Check out Mountain Lovely for more adventurous ideas.


We drove out of Yellowstone National Park, up the Lamar Valley highway. I would change this sky to the real northern Wyoming blue. Then I could focus on the gentle horizontal lines of the landscape.

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