My Previous Life

For over two decades, I designed and marketed my handwoven table linens.   Repp weave, or ripsmatta, was my favorite weave structure as it creates very durable and functional cloth.   “Fear No Color” was my mantra, coupled with a goal of designing contemporary and functional table linens.


Above and below, “Chill” design, table runner and matching placemat.  This block design was my “City Series” collection.  Once I had the block placements, with accents, I would design numerous color combinations.



Above and below, Abbey table runner and placemat.  This block design was my “Amish Series.”   I designed it from one of my favorite Amish quilts.  I probably wove Amish in over 75 color combinations, but quite frankly, after 20 years of weaving Amish, I lost count.



My last major weaving project was the triptych above:

I then interpreted the woven squares into the companion quilt, thus punctuating my move from weaving to quilting.  It was a fun project!


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