Having Fun With Quilted Tiny Houses

It’s probably not news that one of the latest housing trends is living in a tiny house. I realized I actually live and work in what could be a “tiny house” because my space is 571 square feet, total. That was just the beginning as I thought about happy, colorful tiny houses, real and imagined.  And so I quilted tiny houses — lots of them. To me, these quilts tell a story about tiny house living.

Tiny Houses, 46-1/2x36"
Tiny Houses / 46×36″ / NFS
Easy Street, 24x24"
Easy Street, 24×24″
Key Lime House, 10x11"
Key Lime House, 10×11″
The Beach House, 10x10", Framed
The Beach House, 10×10″, Framed

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