Summer/Fall 2018 Happenings

Summer 2018 — where did it go?  Fall 2018 is quickly fading.  Oh yes, I remember a few creative projects.

A Very Special Commission

My first summer project was creating 8 textiles (5 houses and 3 skyscrapers) for a Southern California hospital, pediatrics/women’s unit. Each quilted textile was framed and hung in groupings.  Below are my skyscrapers, before framing and mounting.  It was such a fun project!

Flying Geese Pattern, or How to Go Crazy with Diagonals:

Another entertaining project was my attempt at the traditional “flying geese” pattern using a fun and colorful fabric collection.  However, my interpretation quickly got out of control.

My flying geese quilt, in process, being arranged on my floor as it had overgrown my design wall.
The finished quilt: “Crazy Geese.”

My Adventure With the Welsh Folded Log Cabin Pattern

My next new thing:  the Welsh folded log cabin pattern.   After the workshop with Tonye Belinda Phllips, at the Stitchin’ Post, Sisters, Oregon, I was totally addicted.  With 357 squares, I finished it and entered it in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Can you imagine how thrilling it was for me, a newbie quilter of 5-6 years, to see my “Square Dance” quilt hanging on Main Street?   Now, I realize they take all comers (around 1,400 quilts) so this is not a big deal, but I was still jazzed.

“Square Dance” in process.
The finished quilt: “Square Dance”
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, 2018, Main Street

Local 14 Art Show & Sale — Creative Craziness For Me

Finally, at the end of September, I participated in the 51st annual Local 14 Art Show and Sale.  Since I had a major administrative role in the event, artistic activities took a back seat.  Even with that, I did manage to pull together a limited collection of quilts.

“The End,” a queen size quilt hanging from the mezannine balcony at the L14 show.
My modest booth, late Sunday afternoon. I was fortunate to sell a number of quilts so it is looking sparse.
The Great Room of Left Bank Annex, from the mezzanine level, prior to Sunday opening.

Time to Relax:   Road Trip!

Finally, it was time to drop out for a few days in the Eastern Sierras.  Beautiful mountains, crisp fall air and endless blue skies are guaranteed to clear out one’s mental stress and clutter.

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. My oh my!
Hiking into Lundy Lakes, north of Lee Vining, CA.

What’s Next?

Sleeping in, not having to answer emails every hour, a day with no deadlines, and a beautiful Northwest Indian Summer.   Easy living for sure.

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