Windows — An Art Quilt Series

Working in a series can be very invigorating as one discovers new possibilities with every new piece.   One of my favorites is Windows–An Art Quilt Series.  Architectural elements and their inherent angles and lines, are infinite sources of inspiration.   Windows can be symbolically mysterious or joyful, and everything in between.  I picked playful for this series.

Big Orange #1, approx. 20x28" Sold.
Big Orange #1, approx. 20×28″ Sold.
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Sol.d
Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Sold.



Windows #2. Sold.
Windows #2. Sold.


Windows, #5
Windows, #5

The above small study was what I wanted to see looking out my kitchen window.  Awww.

Chrysanthemum. Sold

Continuing to look out my window, I pictured a field of chrysanthemums, right after I was sure how to spell it.


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