Handwoven Table Runners and Placemats

For over 20 years, I designed and marketed my handwoven table runners and placemats. I quit about 5 years ago to pursue quilting and other fiber adventures. Yet, I continue to see my handwoven runners and placemats pop up on Pinterest, in homes I visit in the area, and mentioned at current fiber events that I attend.

When a person moves into a new art medium, most likely, their design sensibilities move with them. And that was true for me. I had in my weaving, and have now in my quilting, a fearless color palette, within a contemporary framework, using line, color and shape as design elements. Yet, with quilting, I have added spontaneity to my tool box.

Here is a small collection of my handwoven table runners and placemats. Someday I will again have a loom in my life. But, for now, I merely think about it.

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