My Studio Dog

I’ve been fortunate to share my home and studio with Ollie, a mahogany tricolor collie. Ollie is a rescue dog and is 100% collie. He has a collie personality — friendly, laid back, can find his way home, and keeps all his sheep with the herd. A close friend gave him his nickname: Mr. Handsome. It is so fitting. Isn’t he gorgeous?

When I was weaving, he would sleep by the loom, no matter how noisy it was. Now that I’m quilting, he simply hangs out. When it’s time for a break, he eagerly goes for a walk and, of course, loves those treats.

Mr. Handsome has been with me for over six years and is probably now 12 years old. Our vet recently told me he is “as old as you get for this breed.” And that is as far as I can go with that thought because, if I’m in the studio, so is Mr. Handsome. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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