Color is my caffeine.   I've spent my adult life exploring color in handmade crafts and art. First, I dove into the world of weaving . Again, color was my guide. After many years, and the kindness and patience of numerous teachers, I discovered a passion for the ripsmatta weave structure.  I spent the next 20 years designing, weaving and marketing my line of handwoven table runners and placemats.   My son once remarked that my placemats were all over the West Hills of Portland (i.e. they were spendy and so are the West Hills of Portland). 

And now, my looms are long gone.   I still live in the fiber world  but have moved into quilting.   My weaving design toolbox came with me:  a fearless color palette, design simplicity, and incorporating line, texture and shape into the final textile.   

Thank you for visiting.   I'd enjoy hearing your comments or questions.