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Color is my caffeine.  I've spent my adult life exploring handmade crafts and art--sewing, knitting, doing embroidery and needlepoint, weaving, quilting and a smattering of dying and felting, always watching what happens to color in those endeavors. 


Around 1990, I settled into handweaving, discovering a passion for the Swedish ripsmatta weave structure.  Twenty years later, I was still designing, weaving and marketing my line of handwoven table runners and placemats.  


I wove primarily on an AVL computerized loom and a Toika countermarche floor loom from Finland, which I considered the Cadillac of looms.  That kept me occupied for a couple of decades. Then I switched; sold everything and moved into quilting.


All my work (woven or quilted) is my original design.  Much of my inspiration for quilts comes from classic Gee’s Bend quilts—ethnic and real, with a contemporary twist in the final piece.  


My design toolbox has always been with me whether I am weaving or quilting:  a fearless color palette, design simplicity, and incorporating line, texture and shape into a final textile. 

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