Who Is This Person?

I’m really uncomfortable with “About” pages, but, since you asked, here goes:

My Home…    Portland, Oregon.

My Previous Creative Life…. Designing, weaving and marketing my line of handwoven table runners and placements.  I designed and wove my most successful pattern in 1994, and was still weaving it in 2014.

My Current Creative Passion….    Contemporary Quilting

Design Characteristics ….  Minimalistic, colorfully contemporary, with a fearless color palette, design simplicity, the use of line, texture and shape as design elements, and the self-imposed challenge to keep it simple.  Or… do exactly the opposite.

Right Now I’m Fascinated With ….   A very special commission for a pediatrics facility:  3 art quilts of skyscrapers with lots of goofiness, whimsy, crooked lines, surface design, abstract-ness and bright colors.  (Yesterday I built an orange skyscraper with hot pink molding.)  Wow, I’m lucky!

If My Studio Could Talk …    It would tell me to quit messing with my website and get to work.

Favorite Tool…   My mother’s scissors.

Favorite Food to Bake …   Cookies.  All kinds.  Especially those peanut butter ones with the Hershey kisses in the middle.  

Last Artsy Book Read….  The Uncommon Quilter by Jeanne Williamson

Favorite 2019 Movie  …   The Favourite.  Definitely Oscar-worthy.

Most Recently Enjoyed Travel Destination …   The Space Coast, Florida.

When I’m Not In The Studio …. I’m doing what everyone else does — exercising, walking the dog, yoga, playing with grandkids, watching TV, playing with social media, avoiding cleaning, paying the bills, thinking about dinner.  Shall I go on?

My Favorite G-Rated Joke …  Why is there no gambling in Africa? Because of all the cheetas! Ha ha ha!!!

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